Do All Realtors Give Closing Gifts?


Cheers to Chicago

If you’re doing your home shopping with a group of friends, ask each of them to do a gift search for you as they’re going, just to make sure that no one has given something that they shouldn’t have. I know that this may seem like a tedious task, but it’s really not that hard, and when you’re done, you will be prepared and will know what to do in the case of a big surprise.

I recently did a gift search for a friend who’d had her mind blown when she found a house for sale that was within her price range. Gifts for employee She said that the sellers were very gracious and gave her a sample of their wood furniture. She said that they were able to customize the furnishing according to her wishes. Then, one of the other members of our group told me that I should ask my realtor if they could find any homes for sale for that specific criteria.

We were at a loss for words as to how to proceed but I figured it was time to put some sort of plan together. We had our ears to the ground and we were listening to every conversation that our group was having so we could add some more insight to the question we were asking each other.

We arrived at our hotel in Los Angeles with a short list of houses that the realtor had worked on with a couple of the members of our group. The realtor looked over the list and then made a few calls and told us that there were two homes on our list that were sold that year, both at the same time.

This was exciting news, because we knew that our search would narrow down just a little bit as our group narrowed down to just the two of us. And then, the realtor informed us that the two houses were listed in close proximity to each other.

This would definitely narrow down our search because we now knew where to look for these two houses. We could walk into each house, say that we wanted to see the different rooms in each, and see if we could pull off the feeling of being in a house that we saw in the newspaper or television shows.

All of this thought went through our minds when we first entered the homes and then immediately drove away from them. It felt so good to leave them both behind when we saw them on the property line. We were out in the fresh air and sunshine and it seemed as though it was just yesterday that we saw those two houses on the property line.

So my question to you is: what do all realtors give closing gifts? Is it always a written note, and do you have to pay for it, or do you get it free if you’re a member of their trade association?