License Plate Recognition Accuracy


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License plate recognition has become a popular and standard way of doing surveillance at the roadside. If you have an automatic license plate recognition camera, it could be the one to buy. It is much cheaper than a traditional mounted CCTV camera but its really a question of how much your budget can afford.

The convenience of using license plate recognition to identify people, with their vehicle, license plate number and location is tremendous. You can keep an eye on suspicious behaviour and immediately respond with immediate action such as monitoring a person or situation. LPR Here are some tips on getting the best at least in the price range you would typically pay for these products.

There is an accurate measure of the effectiveness of the system. Just like any other equipment and technology, it needs to be used and evaluated to see what the results are going to be. With this, you will get the real value out of the license plate recognition systems that you are interested in purchasing.

Sensor performance, size and weight are fundamental aspects to keep in mind when determining which type of sensor system you are going to buy. They really should be considered as they affect how reliable and accurate the results will be.

Find out if there are cameras with different viewing angles. For example, a one and half inch diagonal view, a zoom-out view, a panoramic view, the option to view the whole road, a three-point view, or all the cameras on top of each other.

Find out the resolution factor. When you select the motor vehicle type, determine the zoom area, zoom in on something, you want to view and make sure the resolution factor will be kind enough to display the details of the images you want to monitor.

Look for lenses that will have the ability to adjust and change lenses easily. Look for lens inserts and also filters to improve resolution and contrast.

Look for audio devices so that you can hear what is going on with the system and you will know what is going on. If there is a microphone in the order, you need to pay attention to whether or not it has quality built-in or if it is compatible with any of the audio recording products you are looking into.

Look for a reliable connection to the car battery. Check for the requirements needed to run the system for more extended periods.

In summary, there are many things to look for when you are shopping for a license plate recognition camera. Make sure you get the features you want and evaluate them carefully.

Auto license plate recognition is the future of surveillance. It’s just that we are not all going to own an automatic license plate recognition camera just yet. Until then, we need to learn how to spot an effective way to use our cameras for surveillance.